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Welcome to the Multidimensional Museum! I‘m happy that you are here. To see the exhibition you can go to either of the two portals in front of you. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. While you are in the exhibition, you can press the information button in the top left or the i-key on your keyboard to get more information. Have fun while exploring!

click on the screen to play
move: On Screen Buttons / W, A, S, D / arrows
look: drag the screen with your finger or mouse
open information: press the info button or i-key

You are now in the pretty version of the forest. Have a look around, go for a walk in the forest and explore it. Maybe you will find another portal?

Do you recognize the forest? Why does the same forest look so much different all of a sudden? If you want to get more information about this situation, search for the question and exclamation marks.

It's the deforestation. Deforestation means that the trees are removed with their roots in order to build something on the ground, for example arable farming, settlement or traffic route construction. In this case the whole forest was removed to build a factory there.

So what can be done to stop the destruction of the forests?

Do you think that your next vacation could take place here? Look around, go for a walk in the sea breeze and explore the island. Maybe you will find a portal here too...

Do you like what you see? Or would you rather go back to the previous island? If you want to know what has happened here and what you can do about it, search for the question and exclamation mark.

What you see here is garbage, like plastic bottles and garbage bags, that people leave behind and don't throw into trash cans. Due to wind and other currents, all the garbage floats through smaller rivers into the sea and oceans.

The garbage is also dangerous for animals. Fish and sea turtles get caught in the plastic or trash bags and die. Additionally it's not so nice to lie on a beach by the sea, surrounded by all the trash and plastic bottles.

What can I do against it?

The most important thing you can do is: only throw your rubbish into the designated waste bins. Not on the beach or in the water. Think about the poor animals whose homes you are polluting.